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Safe work for custom workers

Bewel is an organisation that employs people with a distance to the labour market. With 2,200 employees and eight branches, Bewel is one of the largest employers in Limburg. They work not only at Bewel, but also on the floor of their clients in various sectors.

Safe working conditions are key at Bewel. That is why they attach great importance to targeted, thorough training in the correct and safe use of machines. Just think of forklifts and reach trucks. But ergonomics are also central. The so-called SIT devices (small internal transport), such as automatic pallet trucks or sweepers, make working more pleasant and prevent overloading.

Bewel organises both basic training for inexperienced employees and refresher courses for those with experience. Bewel relies on Formaz to organise these courses.

bewel employee

Each training includes a theoretical part on legislation, how to act correctly in various situations and concrete examples of dangerous situations that can occur on the floor. The theoretical part is followed by a short exam. Then it is time for practice. Using various simulations, participants learn how to drive correctly with the device and experience which obstacles might come up on their course. They learn how to calculate how high a certain load can be stacked, how to handle unstable loads or how to turn their device in narrow aisles. Each practical lesson also ends with an exam.

In addition to forklift, reach truck and SIT training, Bewel and Formaz also organise `fire fighting - small fire extinguishers` courses on a regular basis. Green service employees take this training because they work a lot with appliances that potentially cause fire such as gas-powered weed burners.

"We have a fine cooperation with Formaz," says Lies Schepens, HR employee Bewel. "The trainers are very experienced and provide a lot of interaction with the participants. Their technical knowledge combined with their pedagogical skills make the training courses top notch."

Do you also wish to organise logistics or safety training in your company? We would be happy to tailor a quote to your requirements.