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We can be reached by phone every weekday between 9-12am and 1-5pm or at info@formaz.be.

Phone: +32 (0)2/253 85 11

Welcome to Formaz Training Centre

Formaz was founded in 2006 and specialises in logistics, transport and safety training. We organise training courses at our 3 locations in Belgium or in-company.

Formaz stands for:

Maximum focus on practice

Training of 8 participants on 1 or 2 machines in an Internal Transport course? Not with us! With 45 permanent training machines spread across three locations, each participant almost always has their own machine at their disposal during practice.

Maximum specialisation

A defined training offer ensures that we are and remain specialists in our field.

Maximum innovation

Online management of training courses, certificates, evaluations and reports. PC exams. E-learning.

Maximum flexibility

Training in different languages, customisation, on-the-job training, geographical spread. Open training calendar for selected courses.